Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Uses of Selenium IDE for Users

        There are many uses of Selenium IDE that simplify your day to day internet activities. Once you install this IDE as FireFox add-on, you can automate and finish few redundant, repeated tasks within seconds.

Uses at a glance:
  • Book IRCTC tatkal tickets by just record and play back options.
  • Get a slot and schedule for passport.
  • Fill applications online for PSU's and other Government jobs.
  • Check for a website's up status repeatedly until it gets up and send alerts.
  • Login to your online accounts such as your mail, bank account, facebook, twitter etc.
  • Search for any new mail in your mail account and send alert without you having to check.
  • Search for a particular word/sentence in online tutorials by navigating through the pagination.
  • Simplifies Online Data Entry tasks with the help of other MS Office apps.
  • Helps you fill lengthy forms such as Contact Us forms, Profile pages.
  • Applies for Jobs on behalf of you at job portals such as Noukri, TimesJobs etc.
.....and many more that you can think of.

I will post examples for each point I listed above along with many other which were not covered.

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