Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Uses of Selenium IDE for testers.

         For testers who choose to work smart, Selenium IDE is the best option. What you should remember first before using it is Selenium IDE is a FireFox Add-on and you can not do your browser compatibility testing with this.

If you want to do a basic smoke or sanity testing your web application, you can use this IDE in the below scenarios:
  • You can test login forms, forgot password/username pages.
  • You can test pages for client side validation.
  • You can fill user forms with different data sets to test server validations.
  • You can add dummy data inside the application with the help of looping.
  • You can add/delete users with While loop.
  • You can search for a string/word in huge data sets with pagination with the help of looping.
  • You can do form validations for regular expressions.

You can do lot more if you know basic HTML by editing the source Selenese code. We will be covering all the above topics soon with examples for each.

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